Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Party

I'm planning a birthday party.

My ThYO will soon be my FYO and we will be having a party.

There is a rule of thumb-Only invite as many kids as there are years. In our case four. I love this rule. It keeps the party simple and easy.

However, each child has two parents (with the exception of the twins) and there are siblings. And now we live close to family.

Don't get me wrong, there are huge benefits living close to family, like thay can be here for occasions like this.

But my guest list has 24 people on it, including ourselves.

What have I gotten myself into?

Proof of my Existence

When I was in highschool, I had a friend who refused to be in pictures. When asked she would say, jokingly, "I don't want proof of my existence." Though I also hate having my picture taken, it's for different reasons.

First, I hate posed pictures. Look, here's the two of us staring at a camera in front of Disneyland. And here's the two of us standing on a trail. Oh and here's the two of us standing at the beach, you're on the left side there.


I am all for candids. And shots where no one is looking at the camera. They appeal to me.

And alas, my camera has been broken for a few months. Not a big deal, we are not picture taking people, but it hit me today that we have no proof of our baby's last three months. That's a sixth of his life!

So the shopping for a camera has begun. I would go into a store, tell the clerk what I want, listen to the sales pitch, filter through the commission-raising lingo and buy. DH has clipped all the camera ads from the paper, looked online at side by side comparisons, and researched all possible features. He will do the research and buy a camera that fits our every need.

And in two years the complaints will start: It's too slow, it's an old person's camera (???), it won't keep a charge (okay, he was right about that), blah, blah, blah.

And it will start over. I know it's smart to research, but I really don't feel his research will save money and it certainly won't save time.

But it's his time. And maybe soon I will post some pictures of my recent projects.

Friday, May 11, 2007


I would love to get into some aspect of costuming. Not likely to happen in Fort Collins, but the dream is pleasant.

I mentioned before that I watch many movies simply for the costumes. Here is a list of ones I particularly enjoy.

  • The Count of Monte Cristo--His burgendy robe when he comes out of the hot air balloon especially
  • The Mask of Zorro-Just about every dress she wears, and the clothes he doesn't.
  • Dangerous Beauty-!!!
  • Dangerous Liasons-Swoon
  • Valmont-Same story as above, slightly different costume interpretation
  • Narnia-That gorgeous dress of chain mail.
  • Pirates of the Carribean- No, women in England don't breathe. I would consider giving up oxygen to spend the day in that dress and her wedding dress in II.

There are more, but these are the ones I admit to renting repeatedly. My husband knows that these movies are the way to really turn on the romance.

Oh yeah, Knitting

My sticks have been moving. It's just been at the slow, languid pace that heat brings on. I miss Washington. If it hit 80 in Seattle, it was worth comment. Seattle was much more condusive to year 'round knitting.

So I'll list the projects I remember working on this month:

The mitered cardigan (Vogue Winter 2003 #21) in a Tiara Silk boucle that I got at my LYS Spring Sale.

A linen eylet tunic from the newest Vogue Knitting. I have had this linen yarn for years--since Minnesota--and this Summer I finally found not one, but two tops I can knit with it.

I haven't touched anything else. Heat is not condusive to knitting with wool.

I have been sewing. The Hancock Fabrics in my town is going out of business and the sales are great. I've made:

An oriental brocade peplum jacket
A simple Bias-cut sleeveless top
A peasant blouse with a gorgeous embroidered concoction
A blue and beige "June Cleaver meets Gap" dress that I may wear on Mother's day.
A Corset. !?! or two !?! Okay, it's not what it sounds like. The fact is, I love costumes. I watch many movies just for the dresses and historic is my favorite. I have always wanted to make a corset and when the fabric plus notions (14 yards of boning for $3.00!!) was less than ten bucks...

I have no camera. I'm sorry. I know it would be so much better to have pictures, but the camera is broken.

On Molting

Those of you familiar with Hermit Crabs will understand.

I just had my first molt.

It was Tom. He is now a pale, soft-shell version of his former self.
Granted, we aren't out of the fire yet, but he is still alive and eating his exoskeleton. As all good hermit crabs do.

I'm so proud.

Who were these crabs for again?

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I Have Crabs

Hermit crabs. You know...pets.

And they are so cute!

I'd done my research when last I wrote. I had decided to set up a tank to make sure we could regulate the climate and when DH came home he said "what's the point of having an empty tank?"

So we got our friends: Tom, Jerry and Louis. They are all buried in their crabitat "destressing."

They could be there for a month.

Then I saw a petstore today and stopped in "just to look"...and came home with three more: Thomas, Pinchy and Vladimir.

But, unless I get a bigger tank, I am done now.

By the way, there are a couple great websites out there with tons of info on Hermit Crabs: This is where to go to learn great basics--better than the slip of paper the petstores give you. This is the forum where you can ask questions. I've had a ton and they have been great vats of knowledge. Check out the vivariums. These crabitats are amazing!
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