Tuesday, August 31, 2010

All Things Nice

Have you ever...

...created a gift...

...so charming...

...you couldn't bear to give it away?

Yeah.  Me neither.

Smock Jacket by Debbie Bliss
Sensations Bamboo & Ewe (wool/bamboo/nylon)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Attn Gypsies: One 4yo For Sale

My youngest child.  My baby.  He's the one who's supposed to be on my side.  He's the one who's supposed to shower me with unlimited affection. 

He's the one who I almost sold to gypsies yesterday.

The Businessman took Yummy out leaving me and Vish behind to man the fort.  Vish went outside to ride his bike, play at the playground and explore like Indiana Jones. Later I heard him open the door and patter into the house.

"Mom, don't turn around and look at what I have because it's a snake"

I of course turned around, screamed, and demanded the child leave my home immediately.  Once I had stopped hyperventilating I carefully opened the door and talked to Vish:

MM: Honey?
V: What?
MM: Do you still have that snake?
V: Yes!  I put it in my bug catcher!*
MM: Well, snakes aren't allowed in the house, why don't you take him out back.  You can let him go (far, far away) or wait for Daddy to get home.
V: Okay!  I'll keep him in the bug catcher until dad gets home.  He'll like my snake.

When TBM got home, I explained what happened and while doing this the cat stepped on my foot.  I jumped and screamed and my husband laughed at me.  He laughed at me.

Maybe the gypsies would buy him too.

Sorry about all the snake stories lately.  There is one story I haven't told yet.  It involves my cat Clive, barbeque tongs and a speaker phone.

*Note to self: Thank my mother for the gift.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Our home is on the market now so the frantic aspect of "getting the home ready for market" is finished, only to be replaced by "why is nobody helping me keep this house clean?"

The Businessman was in charge of all things outdoors which included weed whacking.  He found three baby bullsnakes during the weedwhaking process.  Well, the weedwhacker found two of them so maybe I should say TBM found 1 and 4/2 baby bullsnakes.  This is still about four too many for my taste.

There's a nest somewhere.  Probably under our front patio. 

I'm never using our front door ever again.

Later, TBM and our neighbor were talking and neighbor mentioned that his kids have found several baby bullsnakes in various areas of the neighborhood.

To quote the Businessman:  "So it's not a nest under our doorstep.  It's a neighborhood infestation."

We are so moving.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Good Ole Summertime

Summer is not my best knitting time.  For so many reasons. The kids are home.  It's hot.  It's sticky.  The kids are sticky.  Oops, I just dropped ice cream in my lap of knitting.  Again. 

And then there's the kitten.  Kittens find yarn, knitting needles and the synchronization of the two the most fascinating thing in the world.  It's instinct and Midas is a self motivated gentleman--his destiny is to kill it.

My only goal this Summer was a project I owe a friend in barter.  She sent me a pattern.  I knit.  She'll take care of my mother's Christmas present.  Love that.

It's so hard to knit something not of your choosing.  To not stray from the pattern at all.  Not to curse fall and harvest colors (generally my favorite) when you have a lovely creamsicle colored yarn screaming to be knit but the only size 6 needles you have are being used to knit fall and harvest colors.

It was a battle.

The only concession I made in the pattern was adding a bit of elastic in the waist.  There is no way these pants would have fit a toddler otherwise.

Once the final end was woven.  I dove into my stash, pulled out two skeins that have been calling to me and cranked this little number out in 24 hours.

I knit the same pattern last winter.  It's a mite too small this year so I promised Vish a new one.

In other news, I have about 3,275 friends who chose to have lots of fun last fall and are now paying for all that fun in the maternity wards of various hospitals across the country.  I've been remiss to all of you.  I apologize.  Especially BFF in Seattle.

I'm on it.
The yarn brings out his eyes. 
The camera brings out his lower lip.
Harvest Moon, designer unknown.  Knit Picks Comfy (cotton/acrylic)

Peruvian Hat by Pam Allen.  Noro Silk Garden (wool/silk) and Tahki Savoy (wool/silk)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

All Cats Are Simon's Cat

His name is Midas.  The children love him. 

After watching the video below...
7yo was laughing so hard he fell off the chair.
4yo laughed so hard he started wheezing and needed his nebulizer
The Businessman laughed.  (Let it suffice that he is now a cat person--it took ten years for that transformation.  Little steps.)

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