Friday, December 29, 2006

Almost Auld Lang Syne

Today is pajama day. Every couple weeks or so, I declare a day of no obligation and we all wear our pajamas all day. We hang out and know that we have no reason to schlep around the town. Of course the recent snowstorm helped this a bit.

I have been thinking about resolutions lately. I have a mission to lose some weight (I am at least 60 pounds too heavy) and I intend to make it my resolution this year. So then comes the devil's advocate--Resolutions are made to be broken, willpower runs out in February, etc.

I have a formula (this is the mathy, organized side of me coming out). Every week I will add a new habit. I have started (albiet early) to walk on my treadmill for 30 minutes every day.

Wish me luck.

Saturday, December 23, 2006


I have mentioned before that I am an organized person. I start my Christmas preparations very early. The goal is to have the week before Christmas devoted to stocking stuffers, which is fun for me.

I was fairly successful this year. My SIL usually arranges with the parents to not do a gift exchange because there are several birthdays this time of year and it hits the budget hard. With two mortgages this year, we were more than eager to jump on the band wagon.

So how do you handle this? Two weeks ago we went to visit and celebrate FIL's birthday and the parents showered us with wrapped presents. They said they were tired of not buying presents and wanted to get us gifts. We appreciate the thought...

So now what?
We closed on our house so they know we now have some cashflow again.
They gave us the gifts two weeks early, and they are coming up on Christmas day.

Of course we will get them something, in fact we got the gifts yesterday. I just question their and honestly, our motives. And I really resented having to do the shopping so close to Christmas time.

I know everyone in the US is tired of the commercialism of Christmas. I know my rants are unoriginal. I also know I hate the pressure of finding the perfect gift for someone. My mother was surprisingly hard to shop for this year. And I am still not sure my ThYO will like his gift from Santa.

He really wanted a lego train this year, but with a one-year old in the house, Santa really can't bring one of those. We have explained this and he seems to understand but he looks at the picture so longingly. I know we're doing the right thing, we found him a toy we think he will like but it's so hard knowing he's going to be disappointed.

On the flip side, we also know he will play with his little brother's toys and completely disregard the fact that they're baby toys.

And as for stocking stuffers, the budget has run dry.

Friday, December 22, 2006

List of projects: December 2006

Projects on the needles
Debbie bliss denim cardigan
Dale Heilo cardigan from VK several years ago
Dale of Norway sweater I saw in magazine and decided to knit myself rather than buy for $400.00--this project itself needs a blog, maybe tomorrow.
Big, stole/shawl garment
Summer gameday sweater

Projects off the needles
Winter game day sweater
Lace stocking originally for me, but will give to my mom.

When fame goes to your head

It has come to my attention that someone actually reads my blog. I have a groupie.

Granted, I told her about my blog and she checks in just to see what I'm up to, but I still feel guilty for not blogging for a month. Bad me.

I'm dreaming of...

Well, I got my white christmas this year. In fact I got enough to make up for at least the past four years.

We probably got about two feet with this last storm. The kicker is the wind, which produced a few drifts. Some of which are over seven feet tall!

As the city was inoperable, everyone was outside yesterday shoveling and fraternizing. By mid-afternoon, the sun was out, the air was fairly warm and everyone on my block was sitting out in camp chairs swapping favorite brews (lemonade for the kids). Classic college town in action.

I decided to leave the house today with me kids to do some last minute shopping, and promptly got stuck in our street. Apparently my humble neighborhood is not high on the snowplow list.

A little perseverence (and a husband who works from home) got me out on my way. Luckily the main streets were dry. It's the parking lots that are sad. I swear the Home Depot lot rivaled the moguls of Vail.

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