Friday, May 30, 2008

He's Just So Sweet Right Now--What's Wrong?

My little 2yo is sick. He has slept on the living room couch all day and only surfaced to vomit or drink home made pedialyte.

He's such a sweet, snuggly, small-fry right now. Except for the three extra loads of laundry, two extra showers, five dirty diapers and his absolute misery, I could keep him like this forever.


My 5yo's last day of (overpriced) preschool was yesterday. There is very little (enthusiasm) pomp and circumstance at this (overpriced) facility so I took it upon myself to let him forget his lunchbox and surprise him with a happy meal.

All was going well. My 2yo got a happy meal too and was happy as a clam sitting with the big kids and eating their processed, genetically modifed, greasebomb food. I was doing what I usually do--standing there waiting for the kids to finish their lunch while I chat with the teachers when I glanced at my 2yo.

The child had barfed spectacularly. For a kid who ate ten cheerios and a bite of a peach for breakfast there was a phenominal amount of vomit. How can a kid make quarts of puke while eating nothing? Miraculous. Seriously, physicists everywhere should test their matter/mass/energy theories on young children. Don't tell me that in order to create mass you need astronomical amounts of energy. . . oh wait, young children have astronomical amounts of energy.

So now the table, chair, floor and child are covered. Child is screaming. Pregnant teacher is gagging and other teacher is trying to control the class. We all struggle to assist terrified 2yo and manage to get him, the chair, the floor, the table somewhat clean.

And it's time for us to go. I would have liked a better send-off for my 5yo, but it was not to be.

And we are going the whole Summer without Happy meals.

Favorite Thing Friday-Recent Movies

My favorite movies over the past year:

The Red Violin
Keeping Mum-This is what happens when Fargo goes to Britian.
The Illusionist-Great date movie
A Very Long Engagement

Of course, I will always fall head over heels for a good Corset Drama.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The House Fights Back

I felt so virtuous a month ago. I got not one but two gigantic containers of laundry detergent. I got two because they were on sale. It's a brand normaly out of my price range but it was on sale and I bought two. This equates to about six months of laundry. For six months I don't have to worry about if we have enough detergent, if it's the right kind (HE), or if it's on sale.

This is the kind of thing that makes a Stay at Home Mom on a budget happy; deleriously happy. 192 loads of laundry happy.

So I opened the first container. It's one of those spigot things and I don't have a shelf in my laundry room (stacking my machines forced me to remove it), so I put it on top of the dryer, which is on top of the washing machine.

All the domestic goddesses out there know exactly where I'm going with this.

During the spin cycle I heard a crash, but thought it was the possessed box of pasta falling off the pantry shelf (again). An hour later, my 5yo informs me that there is "Poison" on the bathroom floor. I run in to see what he is talking about and there it is:

95 loads of laundry detergent in a huge puddle on my laundry floor. Huge puddle. 95 loads.

The quote of the day goes to my DH:

"I just want to wipe down the walls in case it stains."

God help housewives everywhere if laundry detergent stains.

Saturday, May 24, 2008


I am tired. I fall into bed and fall asleep almost immediately. I fall asleep if I sit on the couch during naptime. I become a walking zombie after 8:00 pm.

I think it's because of calorie reduction. Watching my family consume over 2000 calories in breakfast sausage while I ate a scrambled egg burrito with sauted mushrooms, spinach and zucchini and my mom's canned salsa made me realize this. I'm eating as much quantitywise as before, but caloriewise, it's less.

So I will need to eat more. More beans, more nuts, more grains.

Or my body can start harvesting that nice energy reserve on my butt.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Dear Yummy Bear!

My 4yo becomes a 5yo today.

I love you Yummy-Bear!

Favorite Things Friday-Cookbooks

My Favorite Cookbooks:

I also have all my handwritten recipes in a three ring binder. I have lots of cookbooks, but more often than not, something doesn't inspire. I end up checking books out at the library so I can try before I buy. Haven't bought in a long time though.

Friday, May 16, 2008

A few of My Favorite Things

I love podcasts. I listen during naptime and while working out. I subscribe to about 30 but there are a handful I really look forward to getting:

Agatha Christie Radio Mysteries-The original episodes from oldtime radio
Cast-On-My favorite knitting podcast. Her show is like reading a knitting magazine.
Librivox-Free audiobooks in the public domain read by volunteers.
Wait Wait Don't Tell Me: NPR's News Quiz, the only news I get during the week
Wormwood: A cross between Twin Peaks, X-Files and every other twisted story you love but are afraid to admit. 20 minute yoga classes. Pictures provided.

Like I said, I listen to many, but these are the one's that I reserve for special moments.

And I'm thinking about blogging a "Favorite Thing Friday." Time will tell.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Woe to the Housekeeping Homemaker

I have a friend visiting me and the housecleaning is on the front burner--I figure she might not want to sleep on the crumbs in the fold-out. The other day I was talking to a lady who said she hired a housecleaner once a week for two hours "just to have the whole house clean for a day."

Yes that is a lovely dream. A typical day in my house:

Prepare breakfast, do a load of laundry, pick up living room, clean kitchen,

Children invade living room--toys everywhere.

Clean dining room, now dirty dishes are in kitchen, clean kitchen again. Put away clean laundry, pick up in bedroom and bathroom.

Children invade, clothes and toys everywhere. Two boys in bathroom (use your imagination).

Pick up living room, sit down a second.

Realize it's lunch time. Start whole process over.

An entirely clean house? This indeed is a wonderful dream. But why hire a housekeeper if I'm home all day?
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