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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Where's the Knitting?

I have been in denial for the past few weeks and I fear I must face the truth.

Knitting has not been very inspiring lately.

The new Fall magazines have come out and I have seen nothing I want to tackle. My UFO's are in pathetic little piles around my house. When I pack up for my SnB, the pleasure of deciding which project gets to come with me is gone.

But the most worrisome symptom was having two days in a row of dreary, bleak, gray weather (one of those days was spent almost entirely in bed while DH wrangled children) and I had no desire to knit.

I trace it back to August. A few things happened. I overdosed on knitting during the Olympics, I finished My Sewing Room, and I started working out again.

And I lost my knitting mojo.

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  1. There must be someone you know who is expecting a baby...the Elizabeth Zimmerman baby sweater is such a fun knit and maybe a pair of wool soakers. I understand that these are all the new rage with moms going "green"...maybe it will help you get your knitting on.

    At the very least you have a baby gift for the next bundle of joy!


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