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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Pinecone Derby

Among the other Christmas niceties like buying gift cards, discovering people don't like Starbucks (I know, right?!), buying other gift cards and watching the first season of Tru Blood while wrapping presents and knitting, I found this pinecone ornament tutorial.

And I realized that despite my Christmas tree having 427 natural pinecones (actually 419 because the very top of our tree broke off while we were trying to tie it to the car--the children learned some new words that day) I must make these.

Attempt number one, which was the one I made while baking cookies, shopping online, cleaning the house and watching Sookie Stackhouse devasating her natural supply of vitamin B12 (okay I was only doing one of those), was by far the worst looking one of the lot.

For starters, the egg is upside down:

I also didn't like so much color contrast and the "organic" feel of the scale layout. So I let the nerdy, mathy side of me take over and produced more:

I fear I can't stop. Except I must stop so I can knit (more) slippers.


  1. Something just happened to my other comment. Blogger ate it. :(

    LOVE those pine ribbon fetish is nearly as strong as my yarn addiction. I don't have a mathy side but my copycat skills are well honed. :)

  2. Anonymous6:21 PM

    I love the red stripy one!

  3. Cool! I have a couple of those myself that I made years ago. I love the yellow/green striped one. Actually, they are all cool.

  4. OMG. Those are so awesome. Thanks for sharing the link... I'm def. bookmarking these for next year!


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