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Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Slithy Toves...

Check these out:

'Twas Brillig. Right?

I've been in negotiations with the artist, who is a friend and just happens to need something knitted by October (alas it's not a hookah).

Now that my pair of shoes is safely in her to do list, I feel it's okay to broadcast her Etsy site to the rest of the world.

Gyre and gimble on over to Mamagems Etsy store.

Don't step on the mome raths.


  1. There is further geekery being added as we speak. Er...type. I guess now that I can't do my necklaces anymore it's going to be an eclectic mix, simply because I can't ever seem to stay on one thing.

    Thanks for the promotion! :)

  2. Oh SNAP! I need those!

  3. Those shoes are fantastic! What a great idea.


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