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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The House Fights Back

I felt so virtuous a month ago. I got not one but two gigantic containers of laundry detergent. I got two because they were on sale. It's a brand normaly out of my price range but it was on sale and I bought two. This equates to about six months of laundry. For six months I don't have to worry about if we have enough detergent, if it's the right kind (HE), or if it's on sale.

This is the kind of thing that makes a Stay at Home Mom on a budget happy; deleriously happy. 192 loads of laundry happy.

So I opened the first container. It's one of those spigot things and I don't have a shelf in my laundry room (stacking my machines forced me to remove it), so I put it on top of the dryer, which is on top of the washing machine.

All the domestic goddesses out there know exactly where I'm going with this.

During the spin cycle I heard a crash, but thought it was the possessed box of pasta falling off the pantry shelf (again). An hour later, my 5yo informs me that there is "Poison" on the bathroom floor. I run in to see what he is talking about and there it is:

95 loads of laundry detergent in a huge puddle on my laundry floor. Huge puddle. 95 loads.

The quote of the day goes to my DH:

"I just want to wipe down the walls in case it stains."

God help housewives everywhere if laundry detergent stains.

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