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Friday, September 12, 2008

The Tide is Shifting

Somehow, the Ravelympics inspired me to finish five sweaters in 30 days.

Granted, three of them have been hanging out for a while (years) but two of them were completed start to finish.

So as I turn over my Summer wardrobe (as I promised) I will discover that I have plenty of sweaters. Hats for the kiddos is the next order of business, and then maybe mittens.

But then what? How many stunning sweaters does a girl need?

So, I realized My Sewing Room (still can't help but capitalize that) should maybe get some use. I have a quilt, a duvet cover, other household projects in line. I also want a handbag, some nice fitting pants (oh what I wouldn't give for nice fitting pants), maybe some trendy little tops (as opposed to the cotton Ts I'm normally seen in) and a crafty project or two. . .or five.

And my knitting will be reserved for the car, the movie theater, and my SnB.

At least until the next VK comes in.

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  1. Stop bragging about how many projects you finished! LOL Just kidding - I like seeing your work!!!


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