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Wednesday, March 03, 2010


The face of genius:

Now that Vicious refuses to nap, I have had much less time for knitting and far more time to discover that the child scares me.

In an attempt to keep him occupied during an award ceremony, I whispered various 3-4 letter words which he dutifully wrote on a spare sheet of paper. Sounded out, figured out the letters and wrote them.

While building rockets, jets, and guns out of Legos, he told me that two 3s make six and three 2s make six but there are are no 3s in eight unless you add 1 to make nine. My head is spinning, how 'bout yours?

He has started a science journal (thank you for the idea PBS). In it he has been drawing pictures of the weather; Taping various treasures into it; And asking for help with the spelling of words like protoceratops and exoskeleton. He didn't need help with T Reks.

While at the book fair, he asked if he could use his money to buy an anatomy book. Because he likes looking at bones.

Please note: He is four years old.


  1. AWESOME! Christine, you make me laugh. He's going to make his mark on the world, I'm sure. What KIND of mark, I'm not so sure. ;)

  2. Meanwhile my kid still can't tell red from green. *sigh* And no, he's not colorblind. What are you doing right?

  3. Sorry, this is totally off post, but I ran across a crazy-cute blog:

    Also, I love the idea of a science journal. May have to start one of those myself.

  4. Secret's out, mama! He's absolutely YOUR boy!

  5. Ask me on Tuesday night, I have more than one. He might like the anatomy posters better.


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