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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Attn Gypsies: One 4yo For Sale

My youngest child.  My baby.  He's the one who's supposed to be on my side.  He's the one who's supposed to shower me with unlimited affection. 

He's the one who I almost sold to gypsies yesterday.

The Businessman took Yummy out leaving me and Vish behind to man the fort.  Vish went outside to ride his bike, play at the playground and explore like Indiana Jones. Later I heard him open the door and patter into the house.

"Mom, don't turn around and look at what I have because it's a snake"

I of course turned around, screamed, and demanded the child leave my home immediately.  Once I had stopped hyperventilating I carefully opened the door and talked to Vish:

MM: Honey?
V: What?
MM: Do you still have that snake?
V: Yes!  I put it in my bug catcher!*
MM: Well, snakes aren't allowed in the house, why don't you take him out back.  You can let him go (far, far away) or wait for Daddy to get home.
V: Okay!  I'll keep him in the bug catcher until dad gets home.  He'll like my snake.

When TBM got home, I explained what happened and while doing this the cat stepped on my foot.  I jumped and screamed and my husband laughed at me.  He laughed at me.

Maybe the gypsies would buy him too.

Sorry about all the snake stories lately.  There is one story I haven't told yet.  It involves my cat Clive, barbeque tongs and a speaker phone.

*Note to self: Thank my mother for the gift.

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  1. I'm sorry, I have to laugh. Luckily nothing like that has gotten into our house; just very, very close at the front door.

    Similar story: as our house is also for sale, been busy repairing, maintaining, etc. While cleaning up some random weeds and trimming the leaves off a few branches I look down at the ground and notice a perfectly circular hole about silver dollar sized lined with webs. Yep! BIG. OLD. TARANTULA. HOLE. I cannot even fathom the size this one must be. Once inside I had to have L do a spider check; my hair "settled" and I about jumped out of my pants.


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