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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Our home is on the market now so the frantic aspect of "getting the home ready for market" is finished, only to be replaced by "why is nobody helping me keep this house clean?"

The Businessman was in charge of all things outdoors which included weed whacking.  He found three baby bullsnakes during the weedwhaking process.  Well, the weedwhacker found two of them so maybe I should say TBM found 1 and 4/2 baby bullsnakes.  This is still about four too many for my taste.

There's a nest somewhere.  Probably under our front patio. 

I'm never using our front door ever again.

Later, TBM and our neighbor were talking and neighbor mentioned that his kids have found several baby bullsnakes in various areas of the neighborhood.

To quote the Businessman:  "So it's not a nest under our doorstep.  It's a neighborhood infestation."

We are so moving.

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  1. LOL! The house we are moving to has a very desert landscaped backyard—cactus, citrus trees, etc. I am POSITIVE it is a tarantula haven. When we found a tarantula last summer at our front door I didn't use that door for a month.

    Good luck with your house on the market; I'm quickly learning I hate the entire process!


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