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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Knit Pics

"You finished seven sweaters! Where are the pictures of the other six? Why don't we get pictures?" you all ask.

Well, none of you asked, but all my sources say blogs are more "fun" with pics so here you go:

This one I started five years ago. I finished it a while back but waited months before sewing in a zipper. I thought I would wear it more often than I do, but it's sort of boxy on me. I was larger when I started it.

This one I blogged about before, hopefully while drunk. I ended up finishing this one in record time and wear it so much...

...I made another two weeks ago.

This next one is beautiful, but you will have to take my word for it since my camera doesn't like me. It's one of those sweaters that no one would ever think I made (unless you knew me) because it's so right. I wear it often...

...but it doesn't look as curvy on me as it does on Violet.

And finally, we have the third fair isle concoction (the first being here). Once I got going it went quickly. Providing I block it adequately, it fits beautifully (the shoulders are a bit tweaky--I blame the weightlifting). It's another "You made that!" sweater. When I wear a push-up bra with it the Businessman is happy and I could get a wenching gig in Bavaria.
And number six? Well, I thought Iwould have finished it by now. But Colorado being what it is, I have had no desire to work on my Dale of Norway.

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