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Friday, December 22, 2006

I'm dreaming of...

Well, I got my white christmas this year. In fact I got enough to make up for at least the past four years.

We probably got about two feet with this last storm. The kicker is the wind, which produced a few drifts. Some of which are over seven feet tall!

As the city was inoperable, everyone was outside yesterday shoveling and fraternizing. By mid-afternoon, the sun was out, the air was fairly warm and everyone on my block was sitting out in camp chairs swapping favorite brews (lemonade for the kids). Classic college town in action.

I decided to leave the house today with me kids to do some last minute shopping, and promptly got stuck in our street. Apparently my humble neighborhood is not high on the snowplow list.

A little perseverence (and a husband who works from home) got me out on my way. Luckily the main streets were dry. It's the parking lots that are sad. I swear the Home Depot lot rivaled the moguls of Vail.

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