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Monday, November 27, 2006

The Man I Love

I wanted to knit my husband a sweater a few years ago. I should have noticed that I was the only person who seemed excited about this prospect. I found a great pattern and a nice yarn but, alas, the yarn and pattern were not a good match. I knit the whole thing only to find it did not hang correctly and was way too bulky. By then I was already getting subtle hints and I never even showed the sweater to DH.

DH is a wonderful man, but he is picky about his clothes. Very picky. I can't even buy him clothes off the rack without exchanging them. He wants to be as nondescript as possible. A handknit item might make him "standout" and he doesn't feel standing out for any reason is a good idea.

So imagine my shock when he asked me to knit him something! He tagged along with me to a LYS I've been wanting to visit. He sat down among some books and showed me a pattern for a Christmas stocking and asked if I would make it for him. I was stunned, but immediately recovered and showed him what yarn he should select (Cascade 220 of course) while I looked at his pattern. I am knitting something for my man.

Now I am gently bringing up the idea of a sweater. A plain oatmeal or gray sweater. Maybe a tweedy gray...with a simple textured pattern...or a subtle cable...or a simple aran sweater...with several cabled patterns weaving up the torso...a full blown fishermans gansey!

Do you think that would make him standout?

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