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Monday, February 26, 2007

Nothing can undermine the kinetics of a stay-at-home mom's home like the flu.

This was the week that the youth did their performance. Two dress rehearsals and three performances of Narnia. My job with costuming was done, but I was needed to help with make up--it seems I was the only person who actually had heard of Spirit gum. Anyway, I started the week with some guilty thoughts because I was going to be absent five nights. My husband would have to take on the childcare duties 100% in the evening (though now that I think about it that was only 2 hours a day)

My kiddos had been battling coughs and runny noses the previous week, so it came as no surprise when my throat started tickling on Tuesday. I felt fine, I just had a tickle. I watched the dress rehearsal, helped with costume changes and wondered why my back hurt so much. And why I was so cold. By the time I got home, I knew I was running a fever.

The next day was a blur. The kids are still alive, so I assume I fed them. I know I went to the grocery store, so they must have been dressed. No practice that night. When DH got home I had such glazed eyes he granted me his royal permission to escape to bed.

Thursday: Took ThYO to preschool. He complains of stomachache but whatever he has doesn't compare with my battle for consciousness. He goes anyway. When I pick him up at lunch, he is crying and saying he's sick. Since he hadn't even eaten the cookie I put in his lunch, I know it's bad. The heat is radiating off him. The baby is tossed in his crib and ThYO and I take a nap together, gleaning warmth off eachother and hoping for someone to knock us out until March. I have to get to the church for opening night, dragging the kids with me (DH started a new job so they have to be with me for a half hour or so). ThYO is a trooper and just huddles on the floor next to me hoping no one talks to him. I wish I could do the same.

This is when I find out that the flu has been spreading through the youth. Purex and kleenex are everywhere. Knowing I was already sick, I took extra precautions with my make-up apps, but I am lining many glazed eyes and coughing lips.

Husband picks up kids and asks if I really think ThYO is sick when he sees my drug instructions. He's lucky the pastor is in the room.

Friday: I had previously arranged to not go to the play today. It's datenight for me and my ThYO. We have tickets to a circus performance. I give them away. No possible way we will feel good enough to go. Instead we huddle on the couch together watching a Disney movie while dad cooks a meal we don't eat and whines about how tired he is because my coughing and sneezing are keeping him up at night. He offers to go to the store and asks what I need. I need Nyquil. We've had none and I haven't been able to get to the store. He tells me he always has some in his Dopp kit. The thought crosses my mind that if he's had it all this time, then why the heck didn't he offer me some. He had plenty of opportunity with my keeping him up all night.

Saturday--I'm over the hump. I can see light. I'm not quite able to reach it but I know it's there. I discover that my baby is still alive and happy, despite the extra naps "he's" been forced to take. I climb the mountain of laundry, dishes, and kleenex. I am able to go to the show with a brave face and learn that two of the leads are sick. We all push through and the show is over. When I get home, Husband tells me he took a mini road trip with the kids because he has had too much childcare this week, oh, and the baby seems warm. I ask my husband how he's feeling. He says "I'm fine. I just have a tickle in my throat, but I'm sure it will go away."

Yes Honey, I'm sure it will. Eventually. Remember to buy more Nyquil.

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