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Sunday, April 20, 2008

I had a pleasant (crappy) surprise the other day.

I started knitting a summer tank from Vogue knitting. I loved the lace hem and the braided straps but I added some waist shaping. I pulled out some paper and wrote up a lovely little schematic with my measurements and determined how much to decrease, then increase, and how fast to do it.

I cruised along merrily for four days. I took it to my SnB and made it to the straps. The next morning I tried it on to determine how long to make the straps.

The thing was huge. It looked like a shapeless bag. Hugging no curves. Looking not cute in the least.

What happened? Is my guage off? I had swatched (I always do...now...but that's another story) so I checked the guage and it was darn near perfect (the entire bust was 1/4 inch more than I was aiming for, but that's pretty near perfect. Were my decreases wrong? Nope, everthing went as planned.

What then? I measured myself.

I have misplaced two inches of my bust. I don't know where they went. They're simply MIA.

Now, it's great that I'm shrinking. Quite frankly, I could stand to lose about 10 more inches. However...

If I had to chose one measurement to decrease by two inches I would have nominated my waist, or butt, or thighs. Not my rack. And alas that is the only shrinkage that has occured.

So I frogged the whole thing and for somereason I'm knitting much slower now. Weird.

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