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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Other Projects

Although I am in love with Ravelry I recently completed a project which I am very proud of, but I cannot post in ravelry as it's not knitting.

It all started on a trip to the thrift store yesterday. Behold the chair:

Ugly huh?
But wait there's more: It's child-sized and it reclines!

(Yes those are hand knit socks)

Ugly as it is, for $12.99 I can't pass this up! Next door the the thrift store is a craft store where I found clearance upholstry fabric for $2.00/yd. Two bucks! And it coordinates with my home!

Some grunt work, a million staples out, a million in, new foam and batting:

And Voila! A new chair!

And the mini-man doing what men do best.

As I was icing my hand last night from staple gunning like a sniper, I don't forsee too many reupholstering projects. But it's nice to have options.

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