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Monday, January 12, 2009

There's Always a Kid Who Eats Paste

I teased you guys a few weeks ago.
Behold, the gift sent to me by a very thoughtful friend:
Doesn't this bottle look urban chic? I felt the need to reorganize my pantry so as not to have this sexy little bottle standing next to the kids' Campbell's soup. This beauty will be reserved for Daring Bakers.
There is a small iota of irony. For my birthday, my in-laws gave me the following:
Which leads me to believe I may be chatting this product up a bit (and deservedly so). This one will be rationed for "normal" baking (which just might be more frequent than most peoples').
But then, while reorganizing my pantry, I discovered:
Two full bottles and two half bottles--I have been rationing this scarce commodity.
Now I see much baking in my future. And I feel no need to ration anymore. I started my morning by drizzling it on my oatmeal--still indulgent but it helped the oatmeal tremendously!

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  1. I looked all over the place for vanilla paste to send you for Christmas! Thank goodness I didn't find any, huh?


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