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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Status Updates

What my FaceBook wall would say if I had the time:

TBM has worked from home for 143 minutes.  We decided to drop the price of the house to get things going.  This was about 142 minutes and 28 seconds longer than I expected.

I've knit five sleeves for a coat I'm making for my mom.  Like most people, she only has two arms.  Sixth time's a charm.

Because TBM is working from home, I don't have access to my computer except during insomnia o'clock and why-don't-you-play-with-the-kids thirty.

This brief moment of blogging is marred by my inability to upload pictures because of "scheduled maintenance"

I've knit three sweaters for my kids.  Too bad you can't see them because of "scheduled maintenance"

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  1. I hope the 'scheduled maintenance' is done with; enjoyed the brief blog anyway.


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