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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ah, the Bank-Owned Property

We decided our timeline permitted us to take advantage of the foreclosure side of the market.  We'd been looking at houses for a couple months and once we finally came under contract in Ft Collins, our Real Estate Agent took us through a few bank-owned and foreclosure properties.

Scary.  And not quite the deals you would think once you've repaired everything.  Like a new roof, new siding, new carpets, or a new basement because the kitchen flooded at some point and no one was there for weeks so the entire basement and main floor are covered in green mold.  Covered in green mold.

I like green but not at the cost of my asthmatic child's life.

We are buying a bank-owned property.  We found one that chimed us every single time we looked at it.  The inspector had tons of great things to say about the new roof, the furnace, the siding.  And, to our amazement, the bank had already arranged for new carpet to be installed before our offer, so we have an entire house with brand spanking new carpet (and some new linoleum in the mudroom and one of the bathrooms).

But, since it is bank-owned, there is one problem. 

The picture that follows may be unsuitable for delicate stomachs.  Or people with heart conditions.  In fact, you should probably only look at this picture if you're blind.

This is my new kitchen. 

Isn't it amazing?  I don't know which I like better: The goofy linoleum backsplash, the horribly dated cabinet doors, or the countertops.   

Actually, I hate it all.  But if it's the worse thing that can be said of this house (which we're buying for a steal!) I'll live with it.  At least until I can convince The Businessman that sledgehammers are fun.

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  1. Ah yes, the joys of an original kitchen. Or in the case of a really old house, one that was updated somewhere in the middle. Been there so many times. At least the appliances look newish. Congrats on the sale and new purchase!


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