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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Has It Really Been *mumble* Months?

So...how are things?


I've been slogging my way through life, anticipating the day when all the dust will settle and I will wake up living my dream.

You know, the dream where I get the most awesome house in the world but it's only awesome in my head because I'm the only one who has the vision but that's a good thng because no one else wants the house and the bank'll sell it to me for a song.  Except the song is more like a ballad (which is still a song) and my visions may be delusions but what else is new?

That day is not here yet.  But, my friends, I'm close.  So close.

Any more details at this time would send Mr. Murphy (of Murphy's Law) into a bevy of excitement.  And I'd rather let the gentleman rest.  I've already wreaked so much havoc on his blood pressure.

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