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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Best Intentions

I do intend to start blogging regularly again.

No.  Really.  I do.

I'm biding my time, living in a tiny rental, wishing I could paint, rearrange furniture, and cook grilled cheese without my kitchen looking like a bomb exploded. 

We are a tall family and we need space to stand upright.  Generations ago, the first MountainCave Mama stood upright on her large feet, painted the rock walls, knit some throw pillows out of mammoth wool and then probably bumped her head on a stalagtite and demanded her BusinessCaveman find taller habitation.

This Mountain Mama has evolved (though she's still looking for evidence of evolution in the Businessman) and will be moving into her Dream Home soon.  Very soon.  Like four weeks.

At which point the blog will probably become more about home renovations than knitting, but whatever. 

I'll be blogging.


  1. Anonymous11:57 AM

    I intend to as well. It'll help to get moved down to Denver, though.

  2. Good to hear. I too have neglected both my blogs—especially my illustration stuff. I look forward to seeing pics of your home though. It looks beautiful already.


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