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Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Quilt

Apparantly, people prefer reading blogs with lots of pictures. Not being a shutterbug, I rarely have a camera and I'm convinced that the more pictures I take, the less fun I have.

But on occasion I must please my audience:

Behold my quilt squares. This brings me to six total.
The above is the worst. I hate hand sewing.
This one is okay (it's my second quilt ever, give me a break). Somehow, my final product made it a little under the 5" square size I need it to be. I'll deal with this later.
It's too bad my fabrics don't contrast much here, because this one turned out rather nice.
Hmmm...Boring, but finished.

Somehow my circle became squarish.
I try to do three a week to catch up with my group (who does two a week). But, as you will see by my next post, I have taken a break to do a much needed project.
163 to go!

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