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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Too Darn Hot

DH: "Let's get out and go for a hike"
Me: clinging to the A/C vent and eating ice cubes "It's 98 degrees outside"

Then I get the blank look that lets me know I don't belong in Colorado. The one that says "Um yeah, it's Summer. So do you want to go hiking or not?"

Um, not, unless you want to stuff my melting body into clothing, watch the sweat drip off me and then listen while I get nauseated.

I liked it better when I could say "It's hot" and everyone in a 60 mile radius would say "I know! We hang out at the grocery store because they have A/C." or "My neighbor just got an air conditioning unit, let's go take some lemonade over there." or "Let's turn on the sprinklers for the kids and eat a million popsicles while we sit with our feet in the kiddie pool and whine about cooking in this heat."

Or my favorite: "Let's day trip to the ocean"

You can't do that in Colorado.


  1. Found you through the Dear Jane site...what I wouldn't give to be back in Colorado. We left four years ago to move to Ohio and I have hated everyday of it!

    I have threatened on a regular basis that if we don't move back...I'm leaving. Still here though, perhaps I should pack a bag and leave it next to the door...he tends to be a visual learner...

    A photo of the mountains in your header would be a wonderful site for sore eyes!


  2. Don't get me wrong--I love being 'from' Colorado. But I am one of those rare people that doesn't my overcast days and rain. And I have never liked the sun blaring down on me.


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