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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Brown Sheep

I got to go on a tour of Brown Sheep today. This is the second time I've taken this tour and it was every bit as amazing. If you ever have a chance to tour a facility like this, do it.

Things I learned today that make me respect Brown Sheep:
80% of their wool is local (within a two-state radius of Nebraska)
They put in a $hiny, expen$ive, water recycling $y$tem. Between reclaiming 90% of their water and not wasting energy heating subterranean water, it will pay for itself within two years. Not too shabby.
The passion the V.P. (daughter of the P) has is inspiring. She has a mind for business and is forward thinking. At the risk of offending people, it felt strange to find this in rural Nebraska. Her business acumen would be welcomed in any large city.

Alas, I couldn't take pictures. I understand why (I would have been surprised if I could) so you will just have to wait until tomorrow for my treat to you.

A picture of the goods I got in their Seconds Store...

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