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Friday, December 05, 2008

Now It's Just Redundant

I saw yet another lady from my old colorguard today. That makes four in the past two months.

Since fate is filling in the holes with very little effort from me, I'll make a wishlist of missing links I'd like to find:

The one from Illinois who graduated a year before me
My co-caption
The red-headed guard instructor
My waistline

Well, that last one will probably need a LOT of effort from me.

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  1. I find my memory strangely blank on these. I remember the bowl years better than any others, resulting in the ones in between being crowded out and having people inserted in the wrong times.

    I'm wanting to say that redhead was the only active instructor my fresh. year, as R.J. was very pregnant at the time. Or was it the other way 'round? Also curious to know the fate of my fresh. year captain, who I /think/ was a senior at that point? Man, I need to go back and read my diaries!

    I can't even remember who the co-captain was. I must be getting old.


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