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Thursday, December 11, 2008


My neighbor got a new toy last year, a snowblower, and didn't get to use it. We got snow last week and I smiled to myself when I heard his toy start up. Gradually the noise got louder and louder and then there was a horrible grinding noise and the snowblower stopped. Ten seconds later there was a knock on my door.

"I was blowing your driveway and I ran over your extension cord (for the Christmas lights). Could you unplug it for me?"

!!! I rushed into the garage, unplugged the cord and then ran out to assess the damage. The cord managed to get wound around the barrel three times and was frayed in a couple places. He tugged and untangled but couldn't free it.

Enter Super-Homemaker. This operation was very similar to extracting yarn from a vacuum. I did it with finesse and a flourish.

And I am thankful the man didn't electrocute himself in my driveway.

How nice it is to have a neighbor who'll do nice things though.


  1. The only thing I get from my neighbor is garbage in my yard from his unsecured trash bin lid! Snow already? We have low temps this week and the news stations are running specials like "Arctic Blast 08!" We'll probably get 2mm of snow and school will close.

  2. Snow? Snow? *tries to remember what snow is*

    I'm just glad all the rain we got yesterday didn't short-circuit my lights, and looking forward to it propagating another batch of the weird smelly phallic mushrooms that sprout by my front door.

  3. So … this snow you speak of? It comes from the sky? How strange?

    Glad everyone was OK. Electricity freaks me out. I didn't do well with circuitry in physics.


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