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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thinking of Girl's Names

Most of the time I receive nice presents. They are exactly what I asked for, and I am grateful for them. As a rule I do not like surprises so I am perfectly happy with this arrangement.

But once in a while, the perfect surprise happens.

And that is what my mother did this year for Christmas.

Meet the newest addition to My Sewing Room:
A dress form. An adjustable, pinable, stand alone dress form.
She keeps telling me her name is Vanessa or Denise. Neither of those names seems fitting (no pun intended) for my body double.
And since I know somebody will ask, she is wearing a dress I made for a friend's wedding several years ago. It's fully-lined, hand-beaded and has a matching stole. Approx size 12 if anyone needs to borrow it.


  1. Penelope comes to my mind for some reason.

    By the way, my motorcycle is named Alessandro, which apparently means "the protector and helper of mankind." Uh … I guess that fits?!?

  2. Lovely! I dream of having one of those some day (some day when I have space and stability in income and living arrangements).

    I always tend to give my belongings complicated victorian-esque names. Matilda Jane, my mP3 player. Philomena Leah. Lenora. Lottie.

    Except my car. That's Doom Nugget.


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