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Sunday, February 22, 2009

99 Things About Me

I have been working on this list since I started my blog. Now that some old chums from my oast are crawling out of the woodwork, I felt the need to finish the list.

1. I have two children.
2. I have been happily married since 1999.
3.I was born in Edina, Minnesota.
4.I moved to Evergreen, Colorado when I was four.
5.I lived in that house in Evergreen until college. My parents still live there.
6.I have had seven addresses--three of them houses we've owned--in the past 10 years.
7.I hate moving.
8.I was two and a half when I learned to read.
9.In 3rd grade, a teacher told me that boys were better at math. This bothered me. A lot.
10.In 6th grade, the school district created an accelerated math curriculum for me (though other students were invited to participate).
11.No seriously, I had three teachers tell me this--when I never did my homework (but aced all the tests).
12.I have a degree in Biology.
13.I tested out of all the math I needed for this degree.
14.I love math. I should have chosen a major involving math.
15.I love being creative. I should have majored in art.
16.I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
17.I met my husband my first week of college. He was the first straight guy I met.
18.I was so freaked out about meeting Mr Right when I was 18, I refused to marry him until we had been out of college for at least a year.
19.I graduated from high school with almost all of the people in my kindergarten picture. (Need to verify numbers)
20. I use my middle name
21.My first name, Marianne, has been passed down to the first daughter for at least four generations.
22.When I was pregnant with my second son, my pregnancy-induced insanity tried to convince my husband to name him "Ariann." I was soundly vetoed by both him and my (German) mother.
23.I broke the chain and only have sons. I will insist their wives sign a prenup stating they will name the first granddaughter Marianne.
24.This means my future daughter-in-laws will hate me--better them than my ancestors.
25.I have a complete and utter terror of snakes. I must withhold this information from any future DILs.
26.I also have a fear of worms and anything else that doesn't have appendages.
27.If a furry snake were discovered, I would not be scared of it.
28.Toilet paper should come over the roll, not under. I have switched the rolls at other peoples' homes.
29.I don't get invited to many homes.
30.I am a vegetarian. I eat no land animals and very rarely fish. Gradually I will become vegan.
31. I love cheese.
32.Before becoming a vegetarian, I was willing to try anything once. I still am, but I would draw the line at animal flesh. I don't know if I would eat meat in a Million Dollar situation.
33.I'm not likely to be offered a million dollars to eat meat.
34.Mayonaise is gross. It creeps me out and I have never liked it.
35.The best deviled eggs in the world are made by my aunt-in-law. The only thing she puts in them is mayo. When I learned this I felt like I was in the Twilight Zone.
36.I dated one of the writers of South Park. Nothing serious.
37.My appendix ruptured when I was 12.
38.Two weeks after my appendix ruptured, I got a spectacular case of chicken pox.
39.I have been to Hawaii three times. I'm willing to make it four.
40.Most of the time, I would rather do something myself than pay someone else to do it. This includes housecleaning, home repairs and haircuts.
41.I always choose scissors in scissors paper rock.
42.Unless you know that. Then I choose paper.
43.I like headgames.
44.I refuse to keep dull scissors in my home. Either they are trashed or sharpened.
45.It bothers me when people won't throw away pens that don't work.
46.I hate the feel of writing on newspaper in pencil, this is why I do crossword puzzles in pen.
47.I don't like Crayola's "Cornflower" color. It feels like writing with a birthday candle.
48.I don't eat blue m&ms. Or any blue food for that matter. (Blueberries are cloudy purple).
49.I love chocolate, but don't like chocolate ice-cream.
50.Unless it is my homemade Mexican Chocolate ice-cream.
51.Chocolate in or on my ice-cream is fair game.
52.I rarely wear socks unless I'm working out. Even in Winter.
53.Though I'm American, my ancestry is 100% German. People who work in Scottish apparel shops refuse to believe this. They insist that somewhere in my gutteral nomenclature is a good Scottsh Tartan. Apparently I can't just choose a pretty one.
54.I love men in kilts.
55.I love babies in overalls.
56.I have never been to Europe, but would move there in a heartbeat if a realistic opportunity presented itself.
57.I have used only 275 cell phone minutes in the past year.
58.I used to work for T-Mobile.
59.My favorite color is green.
60.And blue.
61.I do not like red roses.
62.I have a bad sense of smell. I think it's from several bad allergy attacks when I was younger.
63.I knit. I knit fearlessly. There are few patterns that scare me.
64.I sew. Not as much as I knit, but just as fearlessly.
65.My fearlessness has resulted in millions of UFOs.
66.I have never watched American Idol.
67.I am glued to the TV during the Olympics.
68.I would be perfectly happy if I had no television.
69.Sometimes I think technology is bad.
70.I love my iPod, my high-speed internet, and my Wii.
71.Someday I will inherit land in North Dakota. (Hopefully later than sooner)
72.Though I have been known to bake the futziest of recipes, I buy premade piecrust.
73.After Book 3, I wanted to adopt Harry Potter.
74.I had a crush on Merlin (as in King Arthur's magician) in High School.
75.I also had a crush on Waldo. Almost every guy I dated resembled Waldo in some way.
76.The first time I met my husband, he told me he was once Waldo for Halloween--without knowledge of number 75.
77.I worry about the environment.
78.I worry about our society.
79.I'm not convinced we are creating a better world.
80.I do feel if we all put in a little more effort, this world would be a better place.
81.I have never purchased margarine.
82.Or non-stick spray.
83.The last time I drank an entire soda, I was in eighth grade.
84.Unless you count rootbeer floats, love those!
85.I dogear books rather than use a bookmark.
86.I read in the bath tub.
87.I fall asleep reading in bed. My husband often ends up removing my book before he falls asleep.
88.When someone loans me a book, I try not to do 85-87.
89.I would rather be in my home, creating, than exploring.
90.Alas, exploring leads to inspiration.
91.Inspiration leads to creativity.
92.Repeat 89-91 to find my inner turmoil.
93.My work ethic is good, but I would be perfectly happy if I didn't have to work (for money) ever again.
94.Dessert island: iPod, survival guide, boat.
95.I might trade the boat for a helicopter.
96.I love some alternative music, I hate other alternative music.
97.I listen to country music in the car because I like it (and because I have no CD player). The alternative radio station is too bipolar for driving (see 96.)
98.If you've come this far, I am genuinely shocked to see you here.
99.I think Americans waste too much of their lives on the computer.


  1. Christine, That was hilarious! I think I knew most of those. I kept chuckling to myself, though forced to read the ENTIRE list by some mysterious force known only to knitters (and rangers rained out of programs in the Pacific Northwest).

  2. Loved your list, m'lady. I miss you. I'm sure I'll stop being a hermit any day, grow a pair and start being social again.
    You know. Any day now.

  3. Anonymous10:51 AM



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