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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Here Be Monsters

Around here, we had a couple days off school. It was cold and windy and basically felt like a new form of torture the school district implemented on the parents.

So I schlepped my brood to the craft store and we made art for the playroom. I was inspired by a "picture" Vicious made when he had a page of sticky eyeballs and a sheet of paper. I loved the effect so much I wanted a (more) permanent version:


(Yes I cut his hair. Yes I regret it. Yes I think he looks like the offspring of the National Socialist regime. Hair grows.)

And speaking of hair. We decided we needed a hairy monster. I asked Yummy to close his eyes and picture the craziest, hairiest monster he could. What color is he?

Rainbow of course!

I cut. Yummy glued. I had no idea cutting monster hair would be such a chore!

I still have enough supplies for "Slime" and "Scales"

What? Where do you go for your wall art?

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  1. Those are both really cool monsters. They're welcome in my closet any time!


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