Phrases I use far too often around here: ~ Mountain Mama

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Phrases I use far too often around here:

Because I told you too. (Relative of "Because I said so" which I would never say)
Did anyone feed the cat? Then why is he biting my ankles?
Where's the cat?
Stop hitting your brother.
You cannot throw golfballs in the house.
Do you think screaming is a good way to ask for help?
Because I'm mean.
Life isn't fair.

And my favorite:
Keep your underpants on. (Literally)

1 comment:

  1. These are pretty funny especially the cat ones.

    When I worked in the Office, there was one phrase that literally made me cringe.

    "Moving forward, blah blah blah." This was usually because some major mistake had just happened (yeah right). We made puzzles people—we weren't saving lives.

    I may miss daily interaction with people, but I don't miss office life!


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