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Saturday, October 24, 2009

(Insert Super Mario Music Here)

The key to my freak speed knitting on socks is that they're not frilly, lacy, cable-ey patterns. Except for a few rows of rib at the top, and a slip stitch heel flap, the whole sock is stockinette stich. Which I can certainly do with my eyes closed and possibly with one hand tied behind my back (though that would slow me down).

It's a round about way of saying, I just finished another pair:

But even more pathetic. I did this (turns out I needed an 8-bit image):

In duplicate stitch with some spare embroidery floss I had lying around. Because Yummy asked me too.

I would never want my children to think anything was impossible.

Basic sock pattern from my head
8 bit mario image-Googled
Knit Picks Stroll Kettle Dyed in Soot, Superwash wool and nylon


  1. REgina8:09 AM

    awesome! i'm second guessing my decision to go with a wizard of oz theme for halloween this year (I'm sewing the costumes myselfgodhelpme this year)...but i think i should have gone with a mario/luigi combo for the boys since they are their favorites (thanks to playingtoomuchwiisomommycangetthingsdone)...ah well. very cute socks...hats off to you who could probably knit a brandnewhouseandcommunity in the case of apocolypse (did i even spell that right...don't think so)...sorry about the ramble...up WAAAAYYY too early this morning.

  2. These are wonderful. I have a question—is the mario image laid over the original knitting or are these a new pair of socks? How does that work?


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