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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What She Made Edition--A Baby Quilt

Face Book has its advantages. For example, you come across a friend you haven't seen in years and she remembers you as always being a crafty, creative person so she starts reading your blog and decides if you have two kids and can knit a sweater in two weeks, then she can make a quilt in a weekend, because a book says she can.

Of course, she learned first hand about trusting book titles.

And she learned first hand why you should avoid giving yourself a deadline (especially one that you can't control).

But she also finished it. I'm pretty sure she didn't learn that here.

Missed deadlines aside, the baby is still a baby. And a lucky one at that.

Congratulations RD. You inspire me. To finish. Someday.


  1. Regina11:13 PM

    giggle giggle

  2. Love the quilt. I must start quilting and you inspire me.


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