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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Mountain Mama's Costume Emporium

ETA: Why yes, I do sell the Mantis costume...with improvements!  Drop by my Etsy Store and contact me from there.  

The Businessman is a wonderful guy. But sometimes I wonder what, exactly, he's thinking.

Really. I mean, he knows I have a blog about my creative pursuits. He knows my skill, my desire to use my skill, and my speed with my desire to use my skill.

And when Yummy asked to be a praying mantis for Halloween, I gleefully obliged:

Because that's what I do. Bend over backwards to prove to my children nothing is impossible.

But when Vish decided he wanted to be a skeleton the Businessman went to Walmart and bought this:

And then had the nerve to say he did it for me, so I wouldn't have to be bogged down with making two costumes. Because that's the point.

I'm sure it would have been laborous to buy a cheap, black sweatsuit, felt, and fabric glue.

I'm sure my version wouldn't have fit nearly as well.

I'm sure Vish would have loved my version as much as he loves this cheap, junky skeleton.

But...I'm sure mine wouldn't have glowed in the dark.


  1. Actually—not to put a thorn in there—yours could have glowed in the dark. You could have painted the bone parts with glow in the dark paint. LOL!

    The praying mantis is awesomeness.

  2. Love the praying mantis! I always made my daughters costumes.
    I remember the year I made Rainbow Bright. I thought the wig would make me go crazy.

  3. LOL - you are totally a triple/quadruple threat. LOVE that costume. And The Business Man? Well, at least he didn't suggest using velcro sticky tabs to mount sideburns to a kids face.


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