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Friday, October 23, 2009

Who Wants To Pay It Forward?

Last December, I received a gift certificate for $15.00 to Cold Stone. But I don't like Cold Stone.

I know. No normal person dislikes Cold Stone. You'll just have to love me regardless.

I took Yummy on a date. I let him order whatever he wanted and then I told the clerk to use the remainder of my gift card on any following customers. Four more people enjoyed a small break from their pre-Christmas frenzy and had smiles on their face to prove it.

It feels good to Pay It Forward. My friend TinkerFrog posted about a Pay It Forward challenge the other day and I jumped at the opportunity.

Here's the deal. She is making something fabulous for me. I don't know what but she's already asked me what my favorite color is. In return, I will make something fabulous for the first three bloggers* to comment on this post. Technically, I have a year to put out, but more likely you'll get it sooner than that.**

In return, you will make something for three other bloggers, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah.

And all this tremendous karmic blogging will create World Peace.

*If applicable, I'll make a fourth something for the first commenting non-blogger. Also, US bloggers only please.
**Hello, Fate? Consider yourself tempted.


  1. Regina8:27 AM

    does a facebooker count???? i've done that at the starbucks drivethrough before..and have almost smushed my car trying to see the reaction of the person behind me...

  2. Where I live right now, there are no drive-throughs and even the coffee shop is closed right now, switching over to winter operations. But I'm a compulsive knitter and have 3 packages waiting to be sent out to surprise a few folks - well before Christmas presents. ;)

  3. My sister always makes fun of my husband and I when we go to Cold Stone (usually on his birthday). She says give me $20 bucks and I'll put my fingers in your ice cream and sing to you.

  4. I don't like Cold Stone Creamery either.

    First, they have so many choices, I get flustered trying to make a decision. Second, it's so sweet I feel like I've turned diabetic after eating even a small ice-cream. I've only had it twice and didn't care for it either time.


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