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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bearing the Torch

Two and a half years ago I started and completed my Ravelympics 2008 project.

You can read of my shenanigans here.

During the general chaos of convincing my self repeatedly I-have-plenty-of-time-I'll-never-finish-on-time-yes-I-will-no-I-won't I decided to add an Olympic tribute into my work:

I was prepared for the IOC to hunt me down for using their logo without permission. What I wasn't prepared for were the ensuing Ravelry comments. It seems several knitters were very fond of the idea. I wouldn't be surprised if a few more rings sprout up during this year's Ravelympics.

Which means, I feel obligated to exceed expectations this year. You know, because finishing an entire colorwork sweater (with sleeves) in 17 days isn't merit enough.

But I'm prepared:

No, it's not the Olympic ice-cream cone.

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