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Friday, August 22, 2008

The Photo Finish and Why Do the Gods Hate Me?

Here is my Ravelympic FO. I love it. It fits nicely. I think it looks nice on me (perhaps not with a green polo) and I intend to wear it a lot this winter.

I was on such a high that I decided to take the opportunity to finish some dusty UFOs that had been lurking in the shadows and came to light while shoveling out my sewing room. I inserted a zipper, sewed some seams, knit a couple gussets for sleeves that were way too skinny for normal women, much less me.

Then I decided my mom had had enough of a head start on her race sweater. I started mine. It's a beauty from VK Fall 2008 that has a voluptuous cable traveling up the back and hood and up the sleeves. This sweater is luscious.

I started the sleeve first because I hate sleeves, well I hate the necessity of knitting two sleeves. I was knitting beautifully and the thing was flying off my needles. No sooner had I thought "Could I finish two garments by the end of the Olympics" when the knitting God(dess)--what is her name?--struck.

The cable is 22 rows, which are repeated as needed. I was supposed to knit 19.5 inches and end on row 1. My sleeve measured about 22 inches on row 1. I would have carried on but that little voice in my head kept nagging. I realized I had altered the cable to fit in an 18 row repeat. Which meant I had done one more repeat than necessary, and had really botched up the whole thing. Don't give me suggestions (unless it involves hard liquor or moments of silence)--It's too late:

I ripped out the cable (not the entire sleeve) and I am reknitting.

My only consolation is that my mom had to restart her sleeve 4 times.

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