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Friday, August 01, 2008

Favorite Things Friday: Foodie Stuff

I have an "exotic" ingredient I couldn't do without:

Trader Joes Vanilla Paste-The last time we found this was two years ago (T.J. being not in my area). DH was in Washington finalizing our moving truck and he called me from the store:
DH: They have Vanilla Paste. How much do you want?
Me: How much do they have?
DH: Plenty. Like 20 bottles.
Me: Buy 'em out!
DH: No really, how many?

He came home with six. I'm on my last bottle (serious rationing happening here!).

I've heard William Sonoma carried vanilla paste too, at about $20.00 a bottle. Trader Joe's is far more reasonable. If they are still making it, you have got to try it.


  1. You know you have a friend within walking distance of a TJ's, right? I can always do a "mail order" shipment if you really need it.

  2. We pass Trader Joe's a couple of times a week on our way to hockey practice. You are one of my only links to the Colorado I love and miss so much. I will swap something very Colorado for a stash of whatever makes your heart sing from Trader Joe's. Email me and we can seal the deal.

    Your home photos remind me of one of the Richmond homes we lived in.


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