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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It's Time To Knit Some Norway

I had asked you what my course of action should be regarding the Norwegian sweater (and the fact that it's using needles I need for something else) and I never really told you the results.

I had always suspected my project ADD was normal. I mean, don't we all have unfinished business lying around the house, consuming our thoughts, eating at our souls, and gnawing on our fingernails?

Yes, I'm still talking about crafting. Why do you ask?

But, according to the results of my poll, you want me to go against my nature and finish something. Again.

I have drawn two conclusions:

1. I am abnormal . . . I mean . . . I'm weird . . . um . . . wait . . . You (there we go, I'll throw the blame on you) are all people who finish everything you start and don't start anything new until the first project is finished. People like you don't have storage issues, stashes, or brutally chewed fingernails and you want me to share the zen-like tranquility you exude.


2. The idea of finishing a project is so amazing to you, that you cannot even fathom such a thing happening in your own homes. Therefore, you want this potential warp in the time continuum to happen in my house, on my watch and you'll simply enjoy the show.

Brutal I say. You people are brutal.

I started the sleeves. Either way, it's my only course of action.


  1. YAY! It's going to be beautiful! I can't wait to see it finished.

    (P.S. I fit into option number two. haha)

  2. michelle J12:28 PM

    It is BEAUTIFUL....PLEASE finish it!

  3. Very pretty. Don't see too many of those (sweaters or snowflakes) anymore, but quite attractive.

    And contrary to popular belief, I too have a number of unfinished/not started projects out there. They are piling up on my cedar chest.


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