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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Cubscout, The Popcorn Salesman

I was both a Brownie and a Girl Scout in elementary school.

Fourth from the left. Looking awkward.

What's the first thing you think of when you espy Girl Scouts in their uniforms?

Cookies of course! Girl Scouts has the best door-to-door sales campaign going. Regardless of the fact that cookies no longer run $1.75 per box, people still anticipate the day the Green Berets show up in February so they can order their Thin Mint fix. Then, once the goods are delivered, they show up at the entryways of grocery stores everywhere and you can't resist one more box of Tagalongs, Samoas, or Do-Si-Dos.

Did you know there are two different bakeries? And they have titled their cookies differently? When I lived in Minneapolis I had access to both batches and I assure you, the ones with the cute names are superior. No Peanut Butter Patties for me. Give me Tagalongs or go away.

Anyway, there's a point. My son has joined Cub Scouts. Also, after suffering almost a month of disorganized meetings, the Businessman decided to take matters into his own hands and became the Den Leader (the Businessman can't stand it when people show up to meetings unprepared). Which means I must get onboard and support the pack's popcorn sales drive.

Popcorn? Girl Scouts have the epitome of mass marketing, supply vs. demand, and Green Beret tactics and Boy Scouts sell popcorn?

Yes, I guess they do. *sigh*

How can you resist such a smile?

Here is the place to go for online orders:
His scout number (which you will need so he gets credit): 2913416

If you are local to Ft Collins, feel free to email me (in my profile) and avoid the shipping charges.

Might I recommend the Military Donation? It's what I've done in the past, before I had a house full of sugary, chocolatey popcorn.

And you never know what I might do to thank my readers for supporting this special little scout.

But I'm sure it involves yarn.

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