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Friday, September 11, 2009


I made mozzerella last weekend. Twice. And I just made it again.

I read Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and in it is a recipe for 30 Minute Mozzerella.

It's really easy. In fact, the hardest part was finding the ingredients.

Citric acid: I found at Vitamin Cottage
Rennet (vegetarian): I found in Whole Foods, in the string cheese section.
Milk: Anywhere really. If you have access to raw, I hear that's best.

Then you follow the instructions.

After adding the citric acid, the milk starts to curdle:

After the rennet, it looks like cottage cheese:

After draining off the whey:


And stretching (note how rough it looks here):

And the really hot stretching (it gets a lot smoother and shinier):

After this, I cut it into pieces and used it in calzones, and shared it with Yummy, who declared it tasted just like string cheese, and ate some myself. Then I realized I had none left, so I went to the store and got some more milk. The second batch I cut into pieces and marinated in olive oil and crushed chilis.

I probably should be a bit concernaed about consuming 3 gallons of milk's worth of cheese, but surprisingly I'm not.

Where are those tomatoes? And my basil?


  1. I'm interested to know how the cost of doing it this way compares to buying the finished product at the store - whole foods or otherwise. Care to elaborate?

  2. Well, did it taste better??? lol!

    I'd be interested in cost too. I read that book last year and thought it was very good.

  3. This looks fun. I have a recipe for homemade ricotta as well, though I've yet to make it. I'll definitely try the mozzarella.

  4. Since I've been buying milk like there's a cow shortage, I'm going to say yes on the taste factor.

    The rennet was $5.00
    The Citric acid was $7.00

    I'll grossly estimate I use a dollar's worth (probably less) of these per batch.

    Then the cost is whatever gallon of milk you buy. I can get conventional milk for $1.68, or organic for $4.99.

  5. Oh, that is awesome. This is now on my "things to try" list.


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