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Saturday, September 12, 2009

An Un-Profit Business Model

The Businessman is onboard with my "Big Idea." He didn't see the need to take me seriously until he saw I was using my Excel skilz (one of the few things I can contribute to a business). Unfortunately he told me to write up a profitable business model and I'm failing. Spectacularly.

I have such a great plan...until I crunch numbers. From what I hear investors like numbers. Especially when they have lots of zeros behind them and no negative sign in front of them. They're so picky.

I should have learned web development. Biochemistry is pretty useless right now.
I should have made more geek friends when I lived in Seattle, where they grow on trees.
I should do some more market research.

I am not giving up. I still have a Businessman.

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  1. Regina3:01 PM it something that helps people or environment that you can set up as a non-profit??? good tax breaks and you can still pay yourself!


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