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Monday, February 01, 2010

Birds and Bees and the Meaning of Life

Warning: What follows is a goofy story about parenting.

Vicious goes to a church-based preschool because it's cheap, close, and the curriculum is good. Quite frankly, we're not too choosy when it comes to preschool because it's PRE-school. If my kids can learn to interact with peers and respect authority then the mission is accomplished.

One thing about sending your kid to church-based preschool--the kid comes out trying to fit God into his little self-created universe. He's grasping the concepts of God being omnipotent, omnipresent, and possibly omnivorous.

A conversation in my car last week:

V: Did people make those cell towers?*
MM: Yes. Some people have the special job of building cell towers.
V: So God didn't make the cell towers.
MM: Oh crap, that's where this is going. Well...God made the people who made the cell towers.**
V: Then God didn't make the cell towers. So he didn't make everything.
MM: Think fast. When two people love each other very much...

That's correct. I decided to jump right into baby-making. Those questions I can answer. Plus, it's nice to use my biology degree every once in a while.

He corrected me by telling me God made babies.

*Cell towers are the tallest things in our town so he's enchanted.
**The Businessman is very Christian. I'm not, but feel it's better for the kids to learn something about spirituality rather than nothing.


  1. Looks like you handled it perfectly, actually. The idea that things make things which, in turn, make other things is a great concept for someone his age to start sniffing around. A lot of my neighbors have their wee-ones in Christianity based preschools and I have THE BEST conversations with them.

  2. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Hope you saw my address change. :)

  3. Well, to a person of faith, that people make babies and that God makes babies are statements equally true. So I think you handled it fine and in a way that should not upset the businessman.

    It's too bad most hardline evangelicals can't also accept the idea that the statements "we evolved" and "we were created" can be similarly harmonized. But let me just put down that can of worms and back slowly away!


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