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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Christmas Is Only 325 Days Away

The knitting god(esse)s are mocking me.

I decided this Christmas (2010) was going to be the Christmas that I knit socks for everyone and they can all take it or leave it. I suspect a couple family members will become completely enchanted with handknit socks which will just make future holidays easier. Everyone else can remind themselves that it's the thought that counts.

My mom will probably get a sweater, because we're like that.

Armed with this decision, I went ahead and purchased some sock yarn, decided on some patterns and cast on. In January. Because this is smart and responsible for someone who wants to give well-made items eleven months hence.

And I'll be damned if I've gotten further than a cuff on any of them. I'm having gauge issues on my FIL's sock, learning curve issues on my BIL's sock...

...and I can't find the two magazines that have the patterns I need for ALL my ladies' sock patterns.

Vogue Knitting Holiday 2009 and Spring/Summer 2009, where are you? I know I had you two months ago. Where did you go?

In other news, I've discovered Bridges on the Body. This blogger is doggedly sewing her way through corseting history and it's total eye candy for me. A beautiful distraction from misbehaving socks.

ETA: Found my magazines. In the last place I looked.


  1. Sometimes I think I must be the only girl in the world that wouldn't touch a corset with a 10 foot cattle prod.

    I too have been thinking about Christmas presents for next year. Maybe I'll get a jump start some day soon.

  2. Good job starting on the Christmas presents already...I've made some ski bits for my boyfriend's family but socks sounds fab - maybe just for the little footed people first :D
    Those corsets look amazing too, definitely eye candy!


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