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Friday, February 12, 2010

Industrial Revolution

During the Businessman's company Christmas party we were chatting with another couple about the "Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest." It seems the better half of the couple I was talking to had knitted the winning sweater. Some concoction involving an acrylic giraffe.

I mentioned there's nothing worse than intarsia gone awry.

Her eyes lit up at my obvious knitting knowledge. We talked shop for a bit but her interests have fallen solidly on quilting.

Which is probably why she made her husband drag a large load of equipment to the office. And then instructed the Businessman to take it home. To me. Purveyor of all things knitting.

A knitting machine. From the 1970's. And, once oiled, tuned, and dusted, in full working order.

This is why my blog has lapsed, my kids have no clean socks and I'm finally plowing through the 2000 yards of sock yarn I bought because it was on sale.


  1. OMG! I so envy you, as does my knitting boyfriend. What all can it do?

  2. So now you're cheating, eh? As if you didn't get enough knitting done every other day... ;)

    (Just a tad jealous.)

  3. Wow, one from the REAL knitting machine days! No doubt it is far superior to my new one. Look forward to hearing what you've done on it.


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