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Sunday, November 02, 2008


We all dress up in this house. Might as well right? This year my oldest wanted to be a robot. My youngest wanted to be a happy pumpkin (strange request for a boy's boy but I think 'Halloween' means 'Pumpkin" to him.
Of course I made the costumes. Do you know me at all?
I was a peacock again this year. I love this costume. It's simple, effective, and there are no parts I have to carry around and lose. I think I may be a peacock again next year. I keep thinking about using real feathers though.

DH also duplicated. He was Uncle Sam again. No pictures though (unless you got our X-mas card five years ago). When he got home he immediately removed the realistic eyebrows, sideburns and goatee I glued on him. They looked great while they were on though.

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