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Friday, November 07, 2008

Healthy Strategies

A friend has just blogged about changing up her diet for the better. She asked for suggestions. Rather than fill her comment section, I'll just post here.

I feel I should warn my loyal following that I do not resemble a fit person by any means. My diet is 50% meticulous (only whole grains, no hydrogenated fat or HF corn syrup), 40% healthy (few processed foods, lots of veggies, low cholesterol), and 10% Ben and Jerry's, chocolate, and treats I bake. That 10% is actually a lot of calories. If I could give them up, I would be a lean, mean mama.

They need rehab centers for chocolate. And cheese. I guess I could also run more.

  • I find the easiest thing to do is go through your cabinets/pantry at least quarterly and throw out EVERYTHING you don't want in your diet anymore. It's amazing how quickly it accumulates--like every time DH goes into a grocery store alone.
  • I've learned to make quick salad dressings from scratch. 3 or less:1 oil:acid. Add flavorings as desired.
  • If you're a popcorn person you can pop regular old popcorn in a brown paper bag in the microwave--wait until the popping slows, just like "normal" microwave popcorn. Add flavor after you pop it if desired.
  • When you cook things that take time and/or effort--like garbazo beans at altitude (three days in a crockpot!!!*) make double or triple batches and freeze it in individual portions. You can make cereal and salads with grains and beans are very versatile.
  • The novelty of cooking new recipes wears off quickly. Find two or three recipes you always fall back on and update them. This was the first thing I did when I became vegetarian. I still have comfort foods, they're simply updated.

So I hope these help. None are terribly original but they all work for me.

And maybe someone can give me suggestions about chocolate.

*Yes, I know. I got a pressure cooker after that. I still recommend double batches.

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  1. If you're into human rights issues, reading up on the human trafficking and child slavery involved in growing cocoa beans could give you the conscientious motivation to cut down. Google "free trade chocolate" and you'll find companies that make sure their chocolate comes from non-oppressive sources (hint: Hershey's ain't one of them). I find my chocolate cravings much diminished when I have to pay three times the price in order not to support slavery.

    Not that I still don't down the occasional Cadbury egg, but...


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