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Friday, November 03, 2006

Is it "Finished" finished or just finished?

I finished it. I finished my coat/parka. The Turkish patterned, Norwegian constructed, Icelandic wool project.

I can honestly say I have never finished anything this persnickety. I have always veered toward more challenging patterns but this is the most challenging one I have finished.

So now I must confess. I am not as up to snuff with my finishing techniques. I can tackle cables and fair isle and I have knit a good foot or two of lace but I am less than average when it comes to finishing a sweater.

Now I have this beautiful coat and it deserves to be blocked. Which means it will probably sit around for another couple weeks while I try to think of a way to not have to block it.

This afternoon I put the coat on and paraded in front of my husband.
"Look, isn't it nice"
"You finished it! You should wear it this weekend."
"Um, still need to...oh never mind."

I know finishing isn't hard. But I am very mathy when I knit and it bothers me to know that all those calculations can fly out the window with a bad blocking job. Of course, if I finished more projects, I wouldn't be as scared.

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