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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Need a notion for a notion.

Yesterday I was kicked out of my house by my dh. He had to help my sons make their birthday cards for me. So I went to the only place I knew I could meander for over an hour--my LYS.

I have no budget remaing for yarn--we have two mortgages going until we sell our house in Washington, but I did need buttons for my coat. Luckily, my dh (he really is a great man) had purchsed a gift certificate for me on our anniversary (he had discovered that seven is the "wool" year--isn't that cute?). So off I went to find the perfect buttons.

Alas, the perfect button was in bronze. As the coat is black, white and shades of gray this would not do. Luckily, I did find other buttons to love.

The picture kind of sucks, but I think they will look great with the coat.

Now I need a project that will use those adorable bronze buttons. Those adorable bronze with enameled edelweiss, shank buttons. Sigh. Like I really need another WIP.

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